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Plenty of yummy easy vegetables can be planted this month including lettuce!  See what else you should plant now…

Some of the most popular veggies for July planting include bush beans – they germinate quickly in warm soil and will produce heavily in late summer. Other good veggies to plant now for a yummy fall harvest: 

  • Peppers (plants)
  • Cucumbers (plants and seed)
  • Beans (seed)
  • Carrots (seed) – These keep well into fall and can be harvested after frost
  • Beets (seed) – Baby beet greens can be used before beet roots develop
  • Yellow squash (seed) – Enjoy the squash blossoms, as well as the fruit
  • Green zucchini squash (seed)
  • Swiss Chard (seed) – These hold up well in summer heat, unlike other greens
  • Okra (seed) – Germinates really well in the summer heat


Lots of herbs can be planted in July, too.  Perennial herbs like thyme, oregano and sage and be started from potted nursery plants.  And annuals like dill and cilantro can be started from seeds now for a fresh crop in late summer!


Inspect their veggies and herbs as often as possible (daily) for insects so, if any are detected, they can be easily control with mild but safe organic treatments. The products we turn to often for this are Neem Oil, Insecticidal Soap or Bonide Eight pesticides.

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