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Beautiful summer color goes beyond just summer flowers. You can incorporate summer blooming shrubs for beautiful color year after year. Check out some of these great choices for long time summer color in the landscape.

Roses: Landscape roses have surged in popularity over the past years. The Knockout and Drift Roses are great choices for an easy care rose without the fuss of traditional roses combined with season long color.

  • Knockout Roses reach 3-4 feet tall and wide. Their bountiful, bright blooms are a popular choice in our area.
  • Drift Roses are a smaller, spreading plant that grow around 1.5′ tall and 2.5′ wide. They make a great groundcover rose.
  • At Last Rose is the newest release of reblooming shrub rose which is bigger than a Drift Rose but smaller than a Knockout. This shrub rose boast a beautiful orange hue.

Butterfly Bush: Always among the most popular of old timey flowering shrubs. Butterfly Bushes are available in many varieties now from smaller 1-2′ feet tall up to the larger 5-8’ tall growers in an array of colors. Among the most recent new dwarf varieties released are the:

  • Pugster series available in multiple colors that reach 2′ tall and 2-3′ wide with fragrant blooms into the Fall.
  • Blue Chip Junior growing 1-2′ tall and wide with lavender blue flowers that bloom from summer until frost with no deadheading required

Hydrangeas: One of the most popular summer flowering shrubs – Hydrangeas come in a very wide variety of sizes, colors, and types. There are multiple types from Mopheads, to Lacecaps, to Panicle, and Smooth. Hydrangeas are available in many sizes and varieties to fit the needs of many different landscapes. To read more on hydrangeas click here.

Last but not least the Althea Rose of Sharon: Also known as Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon is a hardy Hibiscus type in our area. They produce bright, colorful, large, Hibiscus blooms on a hardy shrub. New releases such as Smoothie Series (Blueberry, Raspberry, Peppermint) and other great colorful selections add that tropical feel to the landscape.

Our helpful & knowledgeable team members will be glad to help you find the perfect match for your landscape!

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