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During the heat of the summer, it can be tough to keep up with container gardens. They dry out faster than flowers planted in the soil, and nothing will spoil the beauty of hanging basket of flowers or a porch container than drying out!

  • Pick up one our simple self-watering bottles – basically it is an upside down bottle you fill with water, that is specially designed to water your plants or flowers slowly but steadily.  Instead of daily waterings, you’ll only have to remember to add more water to the bottle very few days or so.
  • Pick up a brightly colored watering can to sit right beside your front door as a daily reminder to fill ‘er up!
  • We love Soil Moist Granules – they really work great! Just add them to the soil and they absorb water into a gel and hold it around the roots.
  • Soaker Hoses prevent water loss from evaporation and are great for saturating larger areas quickly. We have them in sizes from 4 to 100 feet long.
  • Sprinkler hoses are similar to soakers but they sprinkle water onto plants, flowers, or the lawn instead of saturating them.
  • For hanging baskets, you can beat our 30″ water wands that make watering even the highest-hung baskets easy!

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