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With years of gardening experience combined with a passion for beautiful plants, we welcome you. Whether your plans include a simple potting project or a complete weekend overhaul, we can help you bring your vision to life.
Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia, we learned a lot about how to garden in this area. When you shop with us, you can purchase with certainty that your plants will flourish in this climate and soil. We have learned many gardening secrets over the years and we are thrilled to pass those secrets on to you.


Transitioning Summer Containers to Fall
Transitioning Summer Containers to Fall

The transition from the vitality of summer, when your flowers are looking their fullest and most luxuriant in their containers, to the first frost, when your more delicate plants start to wane, can be a trying ...

Cool Season Weeds
Cool Season Weeds

OUT-SMARTING THE TRICKIEST WEEDS IN THE YARD! There is a particularly tricky variety of weeds known as Cool Season Weeds that actually germinate during winter!  That’s right – while we think of weed control mainly in the spring and summer months, these sneaky weeds need cold weather to germinate and once they do, they take […]

Winter Prep
Winter Prep

The grass is done growing and you are done mowing – Yay!  Now let’s talk about what is REALLY going on with your lawn grass right now.  There is plenty happening as your grass prepares itself to withstand the winter weather ahead  We have put together some important steps you can take to make sure […]

Ornamental Grasses – Year Round Beauty
Ornamental Grasses – Year Round Beauty

Like many plants, ornamental grasses come alive with beauty and color in the spring and summer – but don’t overlook what they can add to your landscape in the fall and winter months too! Many grasses, once they enter the dormant season, still add interest and movement and texture to a landscape as their leaves […]

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