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Learn from the experts about all things gardening in Northeast Tennessee. Your garden will be blossoming with these tips and tricks.

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Whether you use your garden as a place to entertain, play, or relax, our professional and experienced team of landscape designers can help personalize your space.

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With years of gardening experience combined with a passion for beautiful plants, we welcome you. Whether your plans include a simple potting project or a complete weekend overhaul, we can help you bring your vision to life.
Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia, we learned a lot about how to garden in this area. When you shop with us, you can purchase with certainty that your plants will flourish in this climate and soil. We have learned many gardening secrets over the years and we are thrilled to pass those secrets on to you.


Going to Seed
Going to Seed

In this case, going to seed is a GOOD thing!   Folks are starting vegetables, herbs, sprouts and more this month with seed starter kits from Evergreen of Johnson City.  It’s a fun hobby, easy to do, and ...

Winter Homes for the Birds
Winter Homes for the Birds

Bless your heart, you have taken pity on the poor freezing birds and put out a birdhouse for shelter during the winter!  But you say the birds aren’t moving in?  Hm. Well, the rent is free so that can’t be the problem.  However there ARE legitimate reasons that the birds may be reluctant to set […]

Houseplants as Home Decor
Houseplants as Home Decor

Any Interior Decorator will attest to the validity of using houseplants as a natural, living accessory to your home.  With so many choices available in our greenhouses, it’s easy to find one that will perfectly highlight a room, add a flourish to a corner that needs attention, or a decorate a tabletop surface! Here are […]

Tree & Shrub Spotlight: January
Tree & Shrub Spotlight: January

This month, our tree and shrub spotlight falls on two great choices for winter planting!  By planting your tree or shrub now, it will have time to establish an underground root system so that when growing season arrives in a few months, your addition will have a strong head start.  Almost all trees & shrubs can […]

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