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Listen to local gardening experts and designers, as well as our knowledgeable senior staff, speak in our popular seminar series.

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Learn from the experts about all things gardening in Northeast Tennessee. Your garden will be blossoming with these tips and tricks.

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We are so confident in the quality of our products, we back many of them with a lifetime guarantee.

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Whether you use your garden as a place to entertain, play, or relax, our professional and experienced team of landscape designers can help personalize your space.

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With years of gardening experience combined with a passion for beautiful plants, we welcome you. Whether your plans include a simple potting project or a complete weekend overhaul, we can help you bring your vision to life.
Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia, we learned a lot about how to garden in this area. When you shop with us, you can purchase with certainty that your plants will flourish in this climate and soil. We have learned many gardening secrets over the years and we are thrilled to pass those secrets on to you.



Lawn Care – How can I hit the ground running when it comes to getting a great lawn this year? The key to a beautiful lawn can be summed up in two words “Planning” and “Patience”. One you have a handle on ...

Orchids: Are They as Hard to Grow as They Seem?
Orchids: Are They as Hard to Grow as They Seem?

Orchids – Are they as hard to grow as they seem? The answer is both Yes and No. Yes, many varieties of orchids can be really tricky to grow successfully. But No, there is one stunning variety that IS easy to grow and will blow you away with its exotic colors and unique growing habit! […]

Why Consider Raised Bed Gardening?
Why Consider Raised Bed Gardening?

I’m Considering Raised Bed Gardening This Year – Why is it so popular? Good question! Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, people are totally into raised beds for a variety of reasons. Start thinking about it now and do some research on purchasing one of the read-made beds or maybe even making one yourself! Here […]

Keeping Birds Fed Through the Winter
Keeping Birds Fed Through the Winter

Keeping Birds Fed through winter – Why Bother?Won’t they just find food somewhere else? Sure there are some natural sources of food for birds in winter, like berry-bearing shrubs and fallen nuts and fruit. But is there ENOUGH? Usually not. Insects and fruit are so much harder for birds to come by in the winter. […]

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