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Listen to local gardening experts and designers, as well as our knowledgeable senior staff, speak in our popular seminar series.

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Learn from the experts about all things gardening in Northeast Tennessee. Your garden will be blossoming with these tips and tricks.

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We are so confident in the quality of our products, we back many of them with a lifetime guarantee.

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Whether you use your garden as a place to entertain, play, or relax, our professional and experienced team of landscape designers can help personalize your space.

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With years of gardening experience combined with a passion for beautiful plants, we welcome you. Whether your plans include a simple potting project or a complete weekend overhaul, we can help you bring your vision to life.
Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia, we learned a lot about how to garden in this area. When you shop with us, you can purchase with certainty that your plants will flourish in this climate and soil. We have learned many gardening secrets over the years and we are thrilled to pass those secrets on to you.


Squirrels & Bird Food
Squirrels & Bird Food

Do squirrels keep eating the bird seed you put out for the birds? These cute but pesky little guys can really put a dent in your bird food supply! Try using bird food that contains ingredients that birds cannot ...

Indoor Kitchen Herb Gardens
Indoor Kitchen Herb Gardens

 Q: I love the idea of a small herb garden in my kitchen with just a few cooking herbs.  I’d like to know what the lighting  requirements are – space too, since I don’t have much of it!  Basil, Oregano, Thyme and Sage all add flavor and interest to foods. Of course, nothing beats the […]

Birdbaths in Winter
Birdbaths in Winter

Q: I keep having to break the ice on my birdbath.  When I forget, I’m afraid they’ll go thirsty.  Any ideas? Absolutely!  We’re glad you asked because it gives us a chance to remind ALL of our friends to smash up that ice frequently.  That water is a necessity and their little beaks usually can’t […]

Plant Friendly Houseplants
Plant Friendly Houseplants

Here’s a list of some (but not all) of our most popular houseplants that are harmless to pets (both cats and most dogs, too).  For the plant’s safety, it’s best to place someone where that is inaccessible to felines but that is sometimes hard to do since cats are notorious for finding a way to […]

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