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I’m Considering Raised Bed Gardening This Year – Why is it so popular?

Good question! Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, people are totally into raised beds for a variety of reasons. Start thinking about it now and do some research on purchasing one of the read-made beds or maybe even making one yourself! Here are some reasons you, too, will love raised bed gardens!

Small plots of flowers or vegetables can thrive in a raised bed. Beds can be made that rest on top of the ground or that are on legs or risers to avoid bending over! (Imagine managing your garden and never having to bend over again again!)

Some other advantages of raised bed gardening include keeping most weeds and crabgrass at bay. You’ll also significantly reduce the number of pests like slugs and snails that invade your garden space! The drainage is perfect because you create it yourself.

NOTE: This improved drainage means you will need to water more often than with traditional garden beds. We offer soaker hoses with timers to fit some of our raised beds that make this super easy. Plus these hoses keep the foliage dry which is a huge benefit!

Come talk to one of our professionals about creating the perfect soil for your raised bed. Since plants will not be getting nutrients from the earth, make sure they are getting them from the soil you add. We have specialty soils like Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix created specifically for raised garden beds. Or if using the soil already on hand, our folks can talk with you about what, if any, soil amendments may be needed. Nutrient-rich soil will result veggies and flower that thrive!

Here at EJC, we can answer all your questions about every aspect of raised bed gardening and which flowers and vegetables lend themselves best to it. We take pride in your gardening success and strive to make sure we go the extra mile to make sure your green thumb is turning a deeper shade of green!

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