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Fall rivals all other seasons when it comes to bringing outstanding color to your landscape!  Planted in containers spread around your porch or deck, or planted in the ground, this festival of color provided by just a few plants will make YOUR yard the pride of the neighborhood.

ORNAMENTAL CABBAGE & KALE – Traditionally cabbage and kale are  not the prettiest plants in the garden. BUT put the word “ornamental” in front of them and you’ll be introduced to a whole other grouping that adds an almost majestic touch anywhere they are planted.  The cooler weather is the trigger that deepens the rich colors, just in time for dreary winter days. The deep creamy whites blended with royal purples and amazing maroons make for a truly beautiful combination.  And the textures and designs of the leaves have to be truly seen to be appreciated. So admire these pictures, but to get the full impact, come by EJC let ’em wow you in person!  

PANSIES – Often called Happy-Face Pansies because of their unique markings, these southern classics will provide life and color starting this fall and often lasting all the way through to next spring!  There are so many colors and blends to choose from including burgundy, purple, orange and white (UT, anyone?), yellow and more. A single pansy in a cup on the porch is delightful. A hundred pansies spilling out everywhere is amazing!  And anything in between is a winner. (By the way, since a tray of 32 pansies or viola is only $18.95, a hundred is totally doable!) Top it off with the fact that they are super easy to care for and the bottom line is you just can’t go wrong with pansies.

Mix and match for beautiful Fall season color!

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