The East Tennessee “Tropical” Storm Surge!

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Did you miss it? It’s been going on all summer! There’s been a storm of interest in tropical plants this year, and a surge of customers clamoring for them!  They have been adding color and excitement to porches, decks and patios all season. And now that we’re nearing the time they need to be brought inside for the cold seasons ahead, here is a quick easy primer on how to do that safely:

  • Acclimate them now to a slower rate of growth. If you have been fertilizing them, do so less often now and use a weaker fertilizer.  Fertilome Fish Emulsion is an excellent slow release, totally organic formulation we recommend. 
  • Move your tropicals to a spot where they will be exposed to less light than is usual for them. Before bringing them indoors be sure to get rid of any insects that may be hanging around on your plant.  Some can barely been seen, if at all, so we suggest as a precaution, treat your tropical with one of these products to make sure all hangers-on have evacuate:
    • Bonide Systemic Insect Granules (sprinkled on the soil)
    • Bonide Eight Ready To Use Liquid
    • Safer Insecticidal Soap

Since your tropicals are used to high amounts of light – either direct or indirect – consider a Gro Light to ease the transition indoors.  We have bulbs only or kits that contain not only the light bulb but a light fixture as well. 

If you need any help with your houseplants now or later this year – just give one of our greenhouse experts a call at 423-282-3431!


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