Whatever You Do, Don’t “Leaf” Your Lawn Alone!

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Why?  Because leaving leaves scattered over your lawn can be devastating for your lawn grass! 

Fall offers so many great opportunities to improve your lawn – especially since our area features “cool season” grasses, like fescus, rye and bluegrass.  Applying fertilizer or grass seed in autumn is ideal for great results.  Out of all four seasons, autumn is the very best time to fertilize – the conditions are perfect for your grass to reap the benefits of fertilizer so don’t miss out on this perfect timing!


The benefits of fall are all negated if leaves are allowed to cover up the grass for days/weeks. It’s a simple task but one that is often put off or even not done at all! Leaves should be removed often, ideally every couple of days.  That may sound like a lot but at least this usually only last for a month or so. Also, obviously, leaf removal is much easier if done frequently. Fall rains pressing the leaves down on the lawn grass or grass seed you plant is just devastating to lawn health.

Want more fall lawn tips? Check out our blog on fall seeding here and our 4 Step Lawn Care Program here.


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