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Since November presents your last chance to perform a final few life-giving tasks for your lawn, we figure it is worth a reminder!  The famous Evergreen of Johnson City 4-Step Lawn Care Guide has been a trusted roadmap for decades, for achieving a lovely lawn. But even if you do not take any of the other seasonal steps, THE ONE YOU TAKE NOW – IN FALL – IS CRUCIAL!  Just this one step will go a looooong way toward making a pretty lawn a reality, especially important this year with so much of our lawn grass suffering from drought damage.

This essential fall treatment should be performed while weather is cool and moist.  Step 3 Lawn Fertilizer contains not only lawn fertilizer but also a weed preventer. Many lawn weeds actually sprout in the fall so this is the perfect time to address them.  

Having your soil tested is also ideally done in the fall and we can help.  We have inexpensive soil tests you can purchase here at EJC. We also provide free  instructions on how to gather the soil and free shipping boxes, if you choose to send it to the UT Extension office for testing.  A soil test will determine the pH balance, which in turn determines how much (if any) lime your soil will benefit from. It will also reveal the nutrient levels of phosphorus and potassium in your lawn – two things essential for healthy grass growth.  When these nutrients are added in the proper amounts, they can truly help create a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood!

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