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Definition:  A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation – a “plant in the wrong place”.

What a nice way to describe something that drives gardener’s crazy!  Nothing can ruin the appearance of a landscape bed like the presence of weeds – and nothing can help prevent them like dependable, professional advice from Evergreen of Johnson City.  A few preventative measures now means a weed-free landscape later! 

We can sum up our February advice for weed prevention in your landscape in two words:  Don’t Wait! As of now the weeds have not germinated yet, so applying pre-emergent herbicides this month just makes sense.  You’ll be cutting them off at the pass, so to speak! 

Our recommendation for the most effective pre-emergent herbicide is Hi Yield Weed & Grass stopper.  It comes in a granular form that you apply over the surface of mulched landscape plantings – easy to use and affordable too!  Sprinkle it around ornamental trees, shrubs, established perennials and a number of flower and veggie gardens too (see the label for restrictions). It kills weeds at the time of germination and works on a wide range of broadleaf and grassy unwanted weed seeds.

Tired of bending over to pull weeds, especially when they seem to multiply by the day?  Then act NOW for a weed-free spring and summer so your trees and shrubs and grow unencumbered by ugly weeds, and YOU can keep walking upright all season!

NOTE:  Look elsewhere in this newsletter for February tips on preventing weeds in your lawn grass, in the article titled “A Beautiful Lawn Starts Today”.

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