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Bulbs are gorgeous, but what if you just can’t wait until spring?  What if IMPATIENCE is your middle name and you want spring bulbs to bloom in the middle of winter?  Good news – you can have that! Just force them!

If you’d like to enjoy those gorgeous spring flowers BEFORE spring, “forcing” the bulbs indoors can let you do that!  Lots of folks, when planting their spring bulbs outdoors, always save some for indoor forcing. And window sill or mantle piece sporting sunny yellow daffodils and bright red tulips brings a touch of life to any winter day.

Forcing bulbs basically involves 3 simple steps: 

  1. Choose the bulbs you want and containers in which you want to display them. 
  2. Fill the containers with a good rich potting soil and plant the bulbs so that just the tip is showing above the soil. 
  3. Clear out room in the bottom of the refrigerator to store the containers and nestle them in for about 10 weeks, depending on the type of bulb you choose.  (Again, feel free to call ask if you have an questions about how long to leave in cool storage.)

Now that you have tricked the bulbs into believing it’s winter, take the containers and place them where they will get lots of bright sunshine daily (either from the sun or a under a sun lamp) and voila!  Spring blooms in the middle of winter!

TIP:  some paperwhites and amaryllis bulbs require no cooling time and start growing immediately, with blooms in just 3 – 4 weeks!  Ask any of our associates to point them out to you when you visit our Garden Center.

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