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Cool season vegetables are on their way out, so keep the dinner table full with warm season veggies you can plant today!  Here are some great warm-season veggies you can plant and some tips on growing a bumper crop!

In addition to that summer classic Tomatoes (click here to read last month’s article on growing tomatoes), you can plant…

Beans (Note:  Choose “pole” beans for continual yields, and “bush” beans for canning since they produce all at once.)








Peppers (Note:  Choose from sweet or try one or all of our 3 super-hot varieties – Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion & Carolina Reaper. Peppers need slightly acidic soil so fertilize with Fertilome Acid-loving Special.)


*Most summer vegetables need to grow fast in order to produce! This is best done with a complete fertilizer that includes minor or trace elements of boron, copper, iron, zinc and manganese, like our Natural Base Organic Vegetable Food.  It includes fish, soybean, cottonseed, kelp, rock phosphate and more! Combining this with adequate moisture and summer heat should be all you need to get them growing quickly!  There are a few – watermelons and pumpkins – that will need a longer time to produce.  These are exceptions to the rule.

*All veggies are subject to bugs and insects. The key is to inspect the plants daily so you can begin treatment quickly.  Waiting until your veggies are heavily infested makes treatment with preferred organic and natural pesticides hard to accomplish. So being a vigilant Watcher is key to a healthy crop!

*Obviously, we can not control the timing of rainfall but when you need to supplement it, timing is important!  Water by mid-morning.   so that foliage can dry off quickly, thus reducing foliar diseases which are especially prevalent on cucumbers, squash and melons.

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