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Last month we explored the options for feeding your flowers and blooming shrubs.  Now let’s take a look at feeding evergreens, non-flowering shrubs, and all kinds of trees.  Remember a good meal is EXACTLY what they need for a great growing season!  Fertilizer is like vitamins and nutrients that we take in for a healthy diet and a vigorous life.

Most non-flowering trees and shrubs prefer to be fertilized with either Fertilome’s Tree & Shrub granular fertilizer or Evergreen’s own formulated PNF 12-6-6 granular fertilizer – they use a great slow-release formula for a long term punch.

It also contains a carrier that distributes the nutrients more quickly to the root zone – that is especially important for larger trees.

For more recently  planted trees and shrubs, keep the application of fertilizer more localized around the trunk since their roots have not had time to stretch out yet.   For larger established trees with far reaching roots, we recommend boring a 1” diameter hole approximately 10-12” deep, out beneath the canopy drip line. Then when you  apply the fertilizer into each hole,  it places the fertilizer down below the grass or lawn’s root system.

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