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September 22 marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It’s time for a whole new season of color, courtesy of gorgeous, affordable annuals!  Mix and Match, or pick a solitary favorite and go crazy with it!  Here are some of our favorite autumn options, for containers, hanging baskets or garden planting:

Pansy & Viola: Plant them this month and these colorful “happy face” flowers will keep blooming right through to next spring!

Snapdragons: Tall and majestic, our fall varieties of these pretty spikes grow to about 1′ tall, with multiple blooms in a big variety of colors – so versatile!

Dianthus: Known by some as a “cottage flower”, this delightful fall favorite features grass-like blue/green foliage and masses of pretty star-like flowers.

Dusty Miller: The regal silvery foliage of this perfect perennial (comes back every year!) make a gorgeous background for any of the colorful annuals mentioned here.

Ornamental Cabbage & Kale: The dramatic colors of the big rosette-like blooms are a true show stopper in your autumn landscape.  They can be grown in-ground of course, but we love them containers too!

Ornamental Peppers: The green bush foliage surrounds colorful clusters of fruit in colors like red, yellow, orange, purple and more – perfect autumn colors!

Great Combos To Try: Place colorful pansies and viola all together than outline them with snapdragons.  Plant Dusty Miller surrounding your vibrant ornamental cabbage.  Try ornamental pepper plants randomly planted among dianthus.  Now, what are YOUR bright ideas!?

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