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Keep harvesting your herbs this month, especially tender ones like basil.  If you don’t already have an herb garden, this is a terrific month to get one started!  Our selection includes hundreds of varieties of strong, healthy herb plants for growing indoors and out.  And not only do they have a big range of uses, but they are inexpensive to boot!  In addition to classic herbs like oregano, basil, parsley and rosemary, we have dozens and dozens of more unusual varieties for you to explore.  Some of our favorites include….

Gorizia Rosemary was named for the town in Italy where it was discovered.  This strain of rosemary is mildew resistant and has large flat leaves, big lavender/blue flowers bloom in spring and it tastes particularly great in bread or with meats and vegetables.

Ginger Mint is a cross between corn mint and spearmint and works especially well when finely chopped and used in lamb dishes, seafood, or in a marinade made with lemon juice.

Citrus Thyme lacks any bitterness that sometimes comes with regular thyme, blend the flavor of time with a subtle hint of lemon.  It’s great in soups, among other things, and has wonderful medicinal uses as well (works on upset stomach, bloating, indigestion, etc.)

Silver Thyme is an elegant herb that produces lavender blooms in early summer and sports pretty green leaves edged in silver.  It has a savory mouthwatering scent that will perk up any dish you whip up, AND it is popular as a pretty perennial container plant too.

Grosso Lavender is a large French hybrid with profuse dark blue flowers that is beautiful in the garden and yummy in the kitchen!  Its taste is floral with hints of mint and rosemary and the fragrance is heavenly.

Coconut Thyme – With a gentle scent, this lovely plant grows fast and bloom extremely well.  It is a lovely herb for drying, for arrangements, etc.  It is a wonderful addition to eggs, beans, and vegetable dishes.

There are so many herbs to choose from – from classics to tasty new varieties that bring even more to the table!

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