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  If you want a garden full of gorgeous flowers in the spring, you need to start planning today.  Think about what you would like your spring show to include – different flowers in a single color?  A mix-mash of different styles and colors?   A theme-oriented selection like flowers that provide ultimate fragrance?  Whatever your decide, you should purchase your bulbs right now while the selection is great.  Here at Evergreen of Johnson City we have all of your favorites, like tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth and many, many more, including bags of multiple bulbs to create those “theme” gardens.  And once you have purchased your bulbs, WAIT!  STOP!  DO NOT plant them yet!

Planting bulbs too early can cause them to sprout too soon, thanks to not-infrequent unseasonal warm spells.  Your bulbs should not be planted until mid-October at the earliest, or as late as Thanksgiving.  Until then store them in a slightly cooler part of your home or garage.  Sadly when the time comes to plant spring bulbs, the selections are often sparse so now is the time to purchase them so you can get exactly the bulbs you want.  Pick up some Hy Yield Dutch Bulb Food  too.  It is a granulated fertilizer made specifically for bulbs to help them achieve optimum performance.  Just mix it into the soil when you plant the bulbs.

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