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The color and texture of ornamental grasses makes them a standout in your garden and landscape any time of year but for many grasses, fall is when they really get to show off! While so many other things in the landscape are nearing the end of their bloom time, these particular ornamental grasses are really coming into their own.

PAMPASS GRASS – This area favorite will make you feel like you’re enjoying a beach getaway every time you come home! The big feathery plumes will grow in a mound-like habit and dance with every passing breeze. Pampas grass is available in both a regular growing habit of 6-8’ tall (plume included) and the dwarf pampas that reaches to a height of 4-5’ tall (plume included).

MAIDEN GRASS – This popular ornamental grass looks great standing alone or planted alongside some beautiful blooming plants! Maiden Grass comes in several varieties, including a favorite that features fine textured, silver-green blades that turn golden-bronze after first frost. These are terrific for shrub borders and perennial beds, or you can plant several together for a beautiful and effective screen!

FEATHER REED GRASS –   Feather Reed Grasses are known for their compact size and narrow growth habit, making them easily placed in small spaced groups. Best of all their flowers ripen to tawny seed heads that make a pretty addition to your fall and winter landscape! Many varieties are available, and the Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass is one of the most popular !

FOUNTAIN GRASS – We offer several exquisite varieties of fountain grass. These beauties are known for their small size and bottlebrush type of flower seed head. Selections vary from dwarf varieties like Little Bunny or Hamlen growing 12-18” tall, up to the standard Fountain Grass growing  up to 3’ tall. They come with an upright habit or arching, with tan or rose colored seed heads and with purple or green foliage.

SWITCHGRASS – Also known as Panicum grasses, every variety of this beautiful prairie grass is as tough and functional as it is pretty!   They become real showstoppers in fall when airy plumes top the gentle foliage – they are a soft stunning addition to any landscape.  And again, though they may look gentle, they are truly hardy! Most Panicum switchgrass grow to appx height ranges from 3-5’ if you include their fall blossom.

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