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Gifting: Houseplants

Gifting: Houseplants

Gifting: Houseplants

No matter how big or small their home, there is a perfect spot in EVERY home for a houseplant, as long as it’s the right one! We have hundreds to choose from and a friendly staff who will help you choose the right one for almost ANY growing condition!

Lots of folks have limited direct sunlight options so we have plenty of gorgeous plants that require low or indirect lighting.  You can even go with an air plant, which requires even less light!  Plus we have special grow lights you can include with your plant purchase which enable them to have a light-loving plant thrive even in spots with no direct sunlight at all.  

Consider an aloe plant for its healing benefits!  Pick up some super popular and trendy orchids, Fiddleleaf Figs & bonsai plants.  And for homes with cats that love to play in the plants, include a hanging planter or a pretty wall shelf they can use to protect the plant from kitty paws.

We have a huge selection of houseplants & planters to choose from – come take a peek!

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