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Gifting: Perennials

Gifting: Perennials

Gifting: Perennials

We have a perennial for every garden, every landscape, every color preference, and even every personality (that’s right, we said “Personality”!) that exists! 

First of all remember that it is perfectly safe to plant most perennials in the winter.  As long as the ground is not frozen and you can dig a hole, you can plant!  And the perennial will even benefit by being planted now instead of next spring because it will have time to settle in to its new home. 

Think of this being a lifetime of flowers instead of just a bouquet.  It really is a lovely and thoughtful gift. And even now, in winter, EJC greenhouses have some great perennials to choose from – ones that, when in full bloom, are big and showy, exotic, extravagant, sweet and homey, or delicate!  Hmm – any of those adjectives sound like anyone you know??

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