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Gifting: Herbs

Gifting: Herbs

Gifting: Herbs

This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, crafting, dabbling with medicinal herbs, whatever!  And the inexpensive price tag on most herbs is a real plus for the giver.  Here are some of our favorite ways to present this present (so to speak):

  • We have plenty of cooking herbs to choose from, most in a variety of different flavors.  Choose ones you think they’ll enjoy then include some small pots and some soil so they can grow them indoors until summertime, when it will be safe to plant any and all herbs outside.  
  • Lots of herbs are grown strictly for their fragrance, and we have plenty of aromatic choices for you – people who craft will enjoy using them in sachets! 
  • Our medicinal herbs are always popular – our selection includes ones that help promote cardiac health, better sleep, and even act as anti-depressants!  Do a little internet research (and ok medicinal use with your doctor) to determine your choices.
  • Still not sure? Just come and let our herb specialists pick out the perfect ones for your friend or loved one!

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