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Gifting: Trees & Shrubs

Gifting: Trees & Shrubs

Gifting: Trees & Shrubs

Not only are you giving a living gift of beauty that will be enjoyed for decades (even generations!) to come, a tree or shrub is a gift that will actually increase the value of the home where it will reside!

Our Suggestions on how to gift it:

  • If the recipient is a do-it-yourselfer, we suggest including a shovel! 
  • If not, you might want to include a home-made gift certificate with an offer to plant the tree or shrub for them.  We can give you any guidance you need in that respect. 
    We also suggest including a bag of soil, a bag of mulch, and any needed soil conditioners you may want to add.  Remember as long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can plant!
  • OR Both you and the recipient can set back and relax while our Landscaping Department here at EJC does the work for you (call about costs). 

Don’t forget that our trees & shrubs come with a one year or lifetime guarantee for peace of mind!

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