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Revitalize your lawn by using sod to fill in the bare and thin spots – it’s easy and affordable here at Evergreen of Johnson City!  Or maybe you have want to start a whole new lawn with sod instead of seed!  After all, with sod you get instant beauty instead of messy straw cover the lawn, and it cuts out the months of waiting for seed to germinate and take hold!  Whatever size area you want to sod, now is the perfect time to do it…

Before you lay sod, prepare the soil by adding making sure you have a couple of inches of loose soil – most often you can loosen up the soil you have.   Then improve it with Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure (available in bags or loose and dumped into your truck) or Evergreen of JC’s Topsoil with Cow Manure (available loose only).  Finally sprinkle on some granular Fertilome New Lawn Starter fertilizer to help with the rooting process.  Now you’re ready to lay the sod!

We offer sod in a hybrid fescue blend for full sun or partially shaded areas, sold in rolls that 10 square feet with a price that falls as the quantity rises.  We get new shipments every Tuesday or Wednesday and limited quantities are available, but you can always place an order if you want to assure you will have what you need!  We’ll be glad to make delivery arrangements if that suits you.

Once you have placed the sod on the prepared soil, water it in immediately and thoroughly, then water it again every 3-5 days for the rest of the month.  Typical winter moisture should take over from there and by next summer, the root system will be nice and secure.

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