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This is an ideal time to finally rid get those embarrassing bare spots in your lawn taken care of.  They are unsightly and, frankly, your neighbors are judging you.  HA!  Just Kidding!  But we know how frustrating they can be to deal with so if you take these simple steps now, a lovely lawn is just around the corner. And since grass seed prices are higher than usual nationwide due to poor crop yields, getting the most out of the grass seed you sow is prudent.  Read on, whether you want to lay an entire lawn or just get rid of bare spots…

  1. First address the area where the new seed will be put down.  Spend some time really loosening the soil – this is so important!  A seed on top of hard soil will not germinate, and your time and money will have been wasted.  If you would rather avoid this step, you can simply cover the area with a layer of good topsoil. (EJC can deliver topsoil for you – get details at 423-282-3431.)
  2.  Water.  Then water.  Water water water water.  You must water.  Water water. Did I mention water? Water.
  3. Once the seed germinates, it will grow quickly so make sure there is adequate phosphorus in the soil.  The phosphorus focuses specifically on root growth. We recommend Fertilome New Lawn Starter (9-13-7).  It provides everything that newly germinated seeds need including plenty of that all-important Phosphorous! 
  4. Protect the seed  by covering it with straw from a bale to keep the seed moist longer. There is a new product you might want to consider called Seeding Straw with Tackifier.  It has a sort of glue that keeps the straw stuck to the ground so it doesn’t blow away.

NOTE:   We also sell sod (rolls of grass that you can use rather than starting from seed). Costs more but gives you instant grass. Comes in rolls 2’ wide x 5’ long. We take orders for weekly shipments at 423-282-3431. 

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