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If pretty year-round green appeals to you – and why wouldn’t it! – then consider adding some gorgeous evergreens to your landscape this month!  From privacy screens to wind breakers to just plain curb appeal, you will never go wrong with an evergreen.  Evergreens also play a vital role with regards to balance, appearance, and function within our natural and created landscapes.

Evergreen trees and shrubs are identified by having broadleaf or coniferous foliage that remains all winter long.

For design appeal, evergreens provide a balance and contrast against other trees and shrubs and a sense of permanence within the landscape during the winter dormant season.   While others lose their leaves and put forth a stark appearance in during the coldest months, the evergreen is there to provide a welcome consistency and pretty balance within your yard.

For function, evergreen trees and shrubs provide visual screening, sound and wind barriers, plus are a huge support system for wildlife! Fruiting & berry producing evergreens are a good food source for various wildlife, and their dense needles provide shelter from the weather and from predators threatening their very existence.

Since summer’s heat is inevitably hard on newly planted trees now is a GREAT time to plant.  From now clear through to next summer, your new evergreen trees and shrubs will be busy working on building a strong root system for maximum growth next year!

Choose a spot where your evergreen will get full or partial sun, and check out the label to see what you can expect its full height to eventually be so that you can allow it plenty of room to grow.  Here are some of our favorite evergreen options from the many available:

(Note:  Remember each of these types is available in a number of varieties.  Your Tree/Shrub Expert here at EJC will guide you through forest of possibilities!)

*Hollies are distinguishable by their glossy foliage and some varieties have red berries or small flowers.  They’re available in a wide range of varieties & sizes and will bring your landscape to life especially in winter!

*Cypress – Both the shrub & tree forms of cypress grow in a wide range of rounded & upright pyramid shapes with foliage colors that run the range from greens to golden hues.

*Spruce also grow in a pyramid shape and are available in dwarf varieties too.  The needles are attached to the branches in a sort of spiral formation. Certain varieties like the Blue Spruce are commonly used as Christmas trees!

*Junipers are super lush, making them highly desirable for their attractiveness. Their needle type texture offers great contrast in both trees & shrub types and they tolerate drought conditions very well.

*Pines are available in sizes ranging from smaller shrubs to dwarf to gigantic, and are among the easiest trees of all to care for! It just needs moist rich soil that drains easily.


*Arborvitae  include a wide range of shrubs and upright habited types and fit a wide range of landscape needs. Typically these are fast growers and often used in groupings to act as privacy screens.


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