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Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, raised bed gardening is a terrific option that scads of people are taking of advantage of these days! Naturally, EJC has everything you need to make your raised garden a success!

Big rows of vegetables are just not an option for many homeowners. They either can’t or don’t want to devote that much space to them, despite a love for growing veggies. Raised bed gardens are the perfect solution.

You can build a raised garden yourself with a just a few tools and a little know-how, and design it to the exact size and height that works best for you. You can also purchase ready-made raised gardens in a variety of forms, and yes, we have some here at EJC you can check out!

A little special care is needed for raised beds – for instance, a soil that is filled with the appropriate nutrients, since the roots won’t be able to stretch out in the yard to pick up vitamins. Our Daddy Pete Raised Bed Mix contains manure, perlite, dolomitic lime, gypsum and sand -all keys for a healthy raised bed crops. While weeds are much less of a problem with raised gardens, insects can still find the goods! Our selection of natural repellents and vegetable-safe bug sprays will keep them at bay, including Natural Guard Diatomaceous Earth and Safer Insecticidal Soap. For organic fertilizer, ask for Evergreen of Johnson City’s own 4-4-4 Natural Blend.

Almost any vegetable can be grown in a raised garden. No bending, very little weeding, protection from hungry wildlife, and so easy to maintain – give it a try this year!

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