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Pruning is one of the most important steps in maintaining not only the size of a particular tree, shrub, or groundcover, but also its general appearance, health, and performance.  Remember you can call or come by any time to talk to our pros about you should prune this month – timing is essential!

Here are some general pruning guidelines from our Tree & Shrub Department experts:

  • Azaleas, Rhododendron, Camellias, & Pieris Japonica – These bud in the fall then bloom in the spring. Wait until they have finished flowering before you prune them.
  • Forsythia, Quince, spring Spirea, Weigela, Fothergilla, Beautybush, Viburnum, Deutzia, Lilacs, Ninebark, Sweet Shrub, Itea “Sweetspire”, and Clethra – these spring blooming deciduous shrub should all be pruned immediately after they are done blooming.
  • Flowering trees such as Dogwoods, Flowering Cherry, Pear, Plums, etc. are best heavily pruned immediately following their flowering – however this can be done anytime in early spring if disturbing the flowering isn’t a concern. Often trees get out of hand and  pruning is needed before or after the flowering period to regain growth control.
  • Mophead or Lacecap Hydrangea should be pruned after their summer flowering period. However, light rounding pruning can be done early to mid-summer. Just be sure to remove all dead branches and then only lightly prune to round off the canes, leaving plenty of old wood stems above ground.

Have a specific tree, shrub, or perennial you need more information on pruning? Just contact us and one of our experts will be glad to help!


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