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Actually it’s not much of a dilemma – mulch is almost ALWAYS a good idea!  It helps retain moisture during dry spells, provides protection, plus it gives your garden and landscape a neat, cared-for appearance that has great curb appeal.   Here’s a list of the mulches we offer here at EJC, including some brand new options!

  • Pine Bark Mulch. Available in finely ground texture, mid-sized nuggets and large nuggets. We even carry a premium line with extra large nugget sizes!
  • Cypress Mulch offers a lighter color and is super long-lasting, just like cypress trees you see growing in swamps.
  • Cedar Mulch is super finely ground and a great choice for steeper slopes. It is also known to repel some insects.
  • Hardwood Mulch comes from local forests of maple, oak, poplar trees and the like. It is the only mulch available loose, dumped in your truck.  (Delivery is available too.)  It decomposes into rich soil sooner than most other mulches which can be good or bad, depending your perspective
  • Dyed Colored Mulch is available in Brown, Red or Black, because sometimes that extra decorative of color makes all the difference!
  • Pine Bark Soil Conditioner is super fine pine bark that resembles sawdust. It’s  super for annual flower beds or vegetable gardens since it can be mixed into the soil at the end of each season.

You can’t go wrong with these choices! Samples of all our mulches are available with side by side comparisons. Stop by today!

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