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Pansies – and their tinier cousins, violas  –  are without a doubt a beautiful way to keep color in your landscape through fall and winter, straight through to spring!  Now that your summer annuals have reached the end of their life span, these make a perfect replacement for them in your landscape, flower gardens and containers too! Read below for some great ideas for displaying pansies.

Planting Tips: Plant them with an organic soil amendment like Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure mixed into the soil. And if you add some Fertilome Bedding Plant Fertilizer to the soil as well, it’s like giving them that extra push to bloom all winter.  Be sure to deadhead as needed, although with these flowers that shouldn’t be too often.

They really are easy-care and as colorful as you could want a flower to be, with an amazingly long life span to boot!   EJC has a terrific selection of colors from solids and blends including white, purple, burgundy, yellows, pinks, orange and more!  So let’s look at some fun and unique ways to play with your pansies! 

Tiny viola and pansies make lovely individual arrangements around a dinner table!  Use small vases from the hobby store or use baby food jars,  and cut several flowers as far down on the stem as you can.  Add some taller grass stems to each holder and you’ll have the daintiest table decorations ever!

Nothing makes a prettier picture than a pansy or viola. Their colors and tiny leaf variances and shapes are stunning close-up.  For a gift idea, why not snap some up close photos of your flowers, then print them and have them framed.  Family and friends will LOVE the personal touch and will surely have a place to display such a lovely gift!

Get several inexpensive clay pots in different sizes here at EJC when you pick up your pansies or viola, then buy a flat or two of flowers in a single color to display on porch steps, around a tree stump, on a deck, etc.  Mix and matching colors is great, but displaying them in a single color can be stunning too!

Old buckets (with some holes punched in the bottom for drainage) make a great display case for pansies and/or viola

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