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In last month’s Gardeners’ Gazette, we explained how to safely bring plants that have been vacationing outside for the summer back into your home. (If you missed the article, CLICK HERE to read it.)  Now we’d like to introduce you to some houseplants that will bring color INSIDE your home all winter!  These lovely plants will keep the colorscape flowing from the outside to inside so you can surround  your home with color from every angle.

We strolled through the famous EJC greenhouses and came up with a few examples of plants that bring color as well as life to your home.  Keep in mind there are dozens and dozens more to choose from, but we had to start somewhere!

African Violets: Lush fuzzy leaves and SO many colors and flower shapes to choose from! Easy care and the fact that they can last for years make them long time favorites.  Use room temperature water – cold water can make the leaves curl. Feed with African violet food and place on a saucer with gravel to create humidity.  Bright but indirect light from the sun or indoor lighting is all they need.

Crotons: Their beautiful multicolored leaves in multiple varieties range from red and yellow to green and orange – even black!  (They can be poisonous to pets, so keep them away from curious cats and dogs.)  Keep them near bright light to maintain their colorful leaves

Zebra Plant: We can also recommend the Zebra Plant, an easy care houseplant with striking  variegated leaves and yellow blooms.

Other suggestions are the Rex Begonia with a wide range of colorful leaves, the fuzzy bright purple leaves of the Purple Passion plant, Orchids, Wandering Jew, and so many more!  Come take a look in our beautiful greenhouses!


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