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We all know about the classic Christmas plant – Poinsettias, but there are other holiday classics that would look great in your home this season.  Better still, they make wonderful hostess gifts to bring to every home you visit during the holidays.  Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis, Ivy and Mistletoe are all available to take home from EJC and dress up for Christmas!

Christmas Cactus:  These beauties will perform in regular household conditions but they bloom much better when placed near bright but indirect sunlight!  Don’t be deceived by the word “cactus” – moisture is important!  Allow them to dry somewhat between waters and since they love humidity, place the pots on a saucer with some pebbles and water in it.  A houseplant fertilizer every couple weeks is a good idea, too.

Amaryllis:  Growing amaryllis bulbs indoors is super easy – all they need is bright indirect light and regular watering!  A support stake will keep these tall blooms upright.  If it is not already potted in soil when you get it, plant your amaryllis in good potting soil in a 6-8″ pot.  Make sure about a third of the bulb remains above the soil line.  Turn the pot regularly to encourage it grow straight.

Ivy:  Growing ivy indoors is fast and easy!  It easily adapts to many light conditions. This fast-growing vine has evergreen foliage that remains a lovely shade of green indoors and is especially nice to include in your holiday decorating!  Plant it in a container that is wide and shallow rather than narrow and deep and keep it in a spot that receives bright indirect sun.

Mistletoe:  In order to keep your mistletoe fresh for as long as possible (so you can get as many kisses as possible!), mist it regularly with cold water.  Eventually it will dry out and as long as it is hung up and is not handled often, the leaves should last throughout the season

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