Orchids: Are They as Hard to Grow as They Seem?

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Orchids – Are they as hard to grow as they seem?

The answer is both Yes and No. Yes, many varieties of orchids can be really tricky to grow successfully. But No, there is one stunning variety that IS easy to grow and will blow you away with its exotic colors and unique growing habit! Come visit our greenhouses and check out the Phalaenopsis Orchid, also known as the Moth Orchid!

On cold winter days when you’re stuck indoors – either at home or at the office – the natural beauty and color of Moth Orchids is a feast for the eyes! And given our Better Gro Better Bloom formula fertilizer every two to four weeks, it can literally live and bloom for a lifetime! Pick up Better Gros Orchid Plus formula to use once blooms cease and orchids enter their growing phase.

Watering: For orchids in a 6″ pot, you should generally water once per week. If it is in a 4″ pot, water every 5 to 6 days. An occasional misting is helpful too.

Lighting: Medium indirect light is best. Orchids need a period of darkness each too – a bedtime, so to speak!

Pruning: When your Moth Orchid finishes blooming and the flower stem is dead,  cut off the top 1/3 to encourage even more blooms to develop over the next couple months.

Bring us any and all of your Moth Orchid questions and we’ll happily provide the info you need. And wait until you see our selection in person – Fair warning: few customers ever walk away with only one!

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