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Lawn Care – How can I hit the ground running when it comes to getting a great lawn this year?

The key to a beautiful lawn can be summed up in two words “Planning” and “Patience”. One you have a handle on these two things, anything is possible INCLUDING a lovely green lawn! It doesn’t happen overnight but with your diligence and forethought, it will indeed happen – and the good news is that it’s not hard at all! We’ll even help you out with a monthly reminder and suggestion, right here in Gardener’s Gazette – small steps that will make a big difference.

Scroll down for a link to our complete 4-Step Lawn Care Program. In the meantime, Here is your January tip for creating a great lawn:
This is a good month to test your soil for ph level and soil fertility – crucial information you’ll need throughout the year to determine what, if any, amendments your soil needs in order to grow great lawn grass. If this test shows that Lime is needed, it should be applied now – the freezing/thawing cycle our weather goes through this month will work the granules into the earth. We offer soil testing kits that will reveal the pH balance and which (if any) nutrients are needed.

Evergreen of Johnson City’s 4-Step Lawn Care Program:

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