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Here Birdie, Birdie

Too cold to go bird-watching?  Of course it is!  So why not watch the colorful musical show from inside your home instead! Snuggle up in a warm blanket, park a cozy chair in front of the window, and sip some hot chocolate while you watch the birds flock to your yard. Use your imagination to come with your own unique ideas for a birdfeeding station (Pinterest is full of ideas to borrow).  Then come by Evergreen of Johnson for suet cakes, standard birdfeed mixes, Black Oil Sunflower seeds (a gourmet treat the birds adore), and tons of other choices.  Our pros will help you make your selections, and even show you what to use to attract particular types of birds.  Happy birds, happy you!

Sure there are some natural sources of food for birds in winter, like berry-bearing shrubs and fallen nuts and fruit. But is there ENOUGH? Usually not.
Insects and fruit are so much harder for birds to come by in the winter. After all, we’re talking about A LOT of birds that stay behind in the winter in our area and helping them out with food – and water too – is the polite and Southern thing to do! Help them out with food that have a high fat or oil content to give them lots of energy!

We are especially happy to be able to offer you a variety of bird foods by Wild Delight – a company that focuses on components that are healthy and nutritious. In addition to the basics, they add unique beneficial ingredients like hulled pumpkins seed, actual peanuts, pistachios, dried apples, cranberries, raisins, cherries and dried insects – they actually even add amino acids. 

Their content is superior, offering a taste the birds love and the nutrition they need to thrive through the winter. The varieties we offer include Bugs & Berries, Nut & Berry, Fruit & Berry, Porch & Patio (hulled so there is no mess left on the ground – 100% eaten!), Special Finch & Woodpecker blends. Come take a look this week!


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