Lacebugs May Sound Pretty but They are Nothing but Trouble

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Lacebugs may sound pretty but they are nothing but trouble – and, boy, do they LOVE azaleas!  And since azaleas are so popular in our area, we wanted to let you know how and when to start the attack on Lacebugs.  And we’re sure you are not surprised to know NOW is the time!

While lacebugs are working on destroying your azaleas now, you usually will not notice the damage until late summer when they start to thin out.

Here’s how to spot them – check the leaves on your azalea for black spots on the leaf bottoms and/or black & white insects on the tops of the leaves.  If left to their own devices, your azalea can easily be damaged beyond repair.

Counteract the nasty bugs with a spraying of Neem oil or insecticidal soap to fight back with an organic, natural choice.  Or to REALLY wipe them out , use Bonide Systemic Insecticide containing Orthene.  Also in order to restore leaves back to a healthy green, apply some Espoma Holly Tone and / or Fertilome Liquid Iron.

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