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In this case, going to seed is a GOOD thing!   Folks are starting vegetables, herbs, sprouts and more this month with seed starter kits from Evergreen of Johnson City.  It’s a fun hobby, easy to do, and offers terrific rewards!

The Planters Pride Fiber Grow Coconut Greenhouse Starter Kit offers 16 seed pots perfect for starting seeds or transplanting seedlings.  The coconut fiber allows for more air to flow through the pot, resulting in better root growth and a high resistance to mold.  Priced at only $6.59 here at EJC, it also comes with instructions on how and what to plant, courtesy of our very own professionals on site.  It’s a great way to get growing, even in the middle of winter!

For sprout lovers, we offer the Botanical Interest Seed Sprouter kit, that allows you to grow nutritious sprouts for salads, sandwiches, and entrees, too!   You can enjoy fresh sprouts year round and eat them at the peak of flavor.  Growing sprouts couldn’t be easier than with this neat products – just add water!  Within days your first sprouts will be ready, nestled in these two stackable growing trays with two tray dividers.

Come check both of these products out in person, and whichever one you choose, don’t forget the seeds!  We have a great variety to get your seed garden started, including Botanical Interest’s sprouting seeds and micro greens.

We carry Heirloom, non-GMO, & more types of seeds.

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