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Wait until you see our magnificent selection of mums this year at EJC! We think you’ll be as blown away as we are! For color-lovers, mums are a quintessential fall classic and we have all your favorites. You’ll find that the variety of sizes we offer works well in landscape arrangements, especially if you like to mix and match colors and sizes.  Burgundy, yellow and gold, purple and violet, pure white, bronze – perfect tones to compliment your autumn landscape either in containers or planted in the ground. Though a large majority of Mums are utilized for their seasonal color and often discarded when their color is no longer, what you may NOT know that Mums are not actually an annual – they are considered a “tender perennial” and with care, can become a permanent part of your landscape.


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Using Mums as a Seasonal Annual
First here are some general care tips to use when using mums as an annual, as many of us dPlant them in well-drained soil in an area where they will receive partial to full sun. If planting in a container, make sure it is one with plenty of room for the formed root ball. Water it thoroughly when planting, then continue to daily. Mums are thirsty plants! Enrich the soil with Fertilome Blooming & Rooting Formula to encourage the most and the biggest blooms during the fall season. Pinching back the spent blooms will result in compact, busy plants with – you guessed it – more blooms! Simply grasp the stem of the bloom and sever it with a quick pinching between thumb and forefinger. This simple quick task will often cause some light re-blooming for extended enjoyment
Using Mums as Tender Perennials
Since Mums are tender perennials, you can keep them for continued color each Fall. We recommend planting in an area with partial to full sun in well-drained soil. Once the first hard frost has killed back the green foliage later in the season, cut back the foliage and then apply a 4″ layer of mulch over the cut back plant crown. (Usually late November through early December.)  For outdoor permanent locations, during their spring thru summer growing season,  we recommend continued pinching to create a compact rounded plant before they begin their bud set in late summer. This presents a more compact habit with a heavier flower count in the Fall.
For a more in depth Mum planting guide & care info, click here.

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