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Fall is time to plant what? How about ALMOST ANYTHING?! It is widely accepted throughout the horticultural industry that Fall is the BEST time of the year to plant perennials, trees, shrubs, many herbs, &  more! What is it that makes Autumn the ideal season for planting? We’re glad you asked!

With 3 seasons ahead of cooler, moist weather, Fall allows your tree, shrubs, and /or perennials to experience a terrific time of root development before the most stressful season arrives – summer. Remember, the roots are the heart of anything you plant. Strong roots = strong growing. By having their root system already established from fall planting, you’ll find that managing their water needs is easier and lessens the watering requirements for next Spring.  & Summer. You will also be rewarded with better growth and/or more blossoming in spring. When you wait until spring to plant, most of their energy will be going to establishing the root system and acclimating to the surroundings. But having planted in Autumn, your trees/shrubs/perennials will enjoy a bigger & better growth spurt once it starts warming back up.

We want to continually remind you of our of our favorite and most recommended products: Fertilome Root Stimulator. It is a must in planting ornamental trees/, shrubs, & perennials. For more detailed instructions on planting your trees, shrubs, & perennials click here.


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