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Cherry blossoms in sunlight with soft focus background

Timing is everything, and for  flowering shrubs and small flowering trees in particular, EARLY fall is the best time for planting!  Larger, non-blooming trees and shrubs can be planted any time in the autumn, but these early months (September-October) are much better for these smaller bloomers.  If planted now (early fall) they will have ample time to get established in the soil before winter sets in so you’ll enjoy a great burst of color and life come next spring.

A few favorites that are popular with local homeowners include the Crape Myrtle, the Japanese Maple, Dogwood trees and Fruit trees.  Berry shrubs are also a great option, including raspberry, blackberry and lots more.  The Blueberry shrub is particularly pretty – especially with its gorgeous fall leaf color – and makes a lovely container shrub.

Whichever small tree or shrub you plant, mix some standard organic matter into the soil for great growing results.  We use Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure.  It is a good idea to mix in some Super Phosphate too (0-18-0) as a long-lasting source of phosphorus which is critical for root growth!  Top off your newly-planted tree/shrub with a layer of mulch.

Don’t forget about our One Year or Lifetime Warranty on most trees & shrubs!

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