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No problem!  This is lawn care month, and that means filling in the bare spots, fertilizing, treating for weeds and lots more!

Let’s start with the RIGHT way to mow in the spring!  Time it so that you are only removing about one third of the total blade growth each time you mow this month.  Be sure to sharpen your mower blade frequently – a clean sharp blade makes neat clean cuts, as opposed to a dull one which tears the grass blade, making an entry point for disease.

Either seeding or sodding will take care of the bare or thin spots in your lawn.  We have sod available in pieces sized 2′ x 5′ (We recommend placing an order to assure you get the exact amount you need.) To help it take root we highly recommend Fertilome New Lawn Starter fertilizer. Just sprinkle it on the ground before placing the sod, then a few weeks later sprinkle some on top.  Or you can fill those spots with our grass seed called The Falcons – we’ve chosen it due to its super high rating at tolerating high temperatures and fungal diseases during the summer. Plus it’s so pretty, with a dark green color and a narrow to medium width grass blade.

Fertilome New Lawn Starter

For fertilizing the grass while controlling weeds – essential for strong healthy growth –  your first option is a dry application of Fertilome Weed Out or Fertilome Weed Out Pro Turf,  which are our two options for Step 2 in our 4-Step Lawn Care programBoth will fertilize your grass and kill broadleaf weeds – the Pro Turf formula also contains a weed and grass preventer for those weed seeds laying around, getting ready to germinate.  These products are put on with a spreader and should be applied IN THE MORNING.  This is important since the dew on the grass will allow the product to stick to the foliage and absorb more efficiently.

For weed control only this time of year, use a liquid spray-on product called Fertilome Weed Free Zone.  This unique formula is specific to Fertilome and is designed to work best in cool April temps.  With liquid, you’ll want to apply it when the foliage is dry, not wet!  If the foliage is wet due to rain or dew, the product will simply wash off or dilute and drip to the ground, making it less effective.

No matter what you use on your lawn, the ideal time to apply it is halfway through your mowing cycle.  If you mow right after applying, you risk cutting off the chemicals before they get to the roots.  Too soon after mowing, and you have less foliage for the chemical to grab on to.  So halfway is the best way!

Got other lawn care questions? We are here to help you have your best lawn!

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