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Last month we encouraged you to add Forsythia and Azalea to your spring landscape pallet of colors.  By popular demand, now we are focusing on the azalea alone and the amazing color show it will present in your landscape for  decades to come!

Nothing puts on a more brilliant spring show than Azaleas, in all their glorious colors!  When they have finished blooming late this month or in early May, sprinkle on some Fertilome Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendren Food into the soil around the base of the shrub, then water it in.  It has the acidic nutrients that Azalea need and will pump it up for another great show NEXT spring.  (NOTE:  Technically, ALL flower shrubs will benefit from a feeding of this great product this month, too.)  Add some Fertilome Liquid Iron to the Azaleas too – it is a great supplement that makes the foliage bigger and greener than ever.

When planting, add some good organic material into the soil about2-3 times the width of the Azalea’s root ball.  Keep the planted Azalea’s root ball surface at ground level and be sure not to add soil on top of the original root ball.  These simple steps are crucial for a successful azalea planting. Read more about planting trees & shrubs here.

If your azalea needs pruning, do it after they have finished blooming. Keeping it compact will help increase budding next season.  Between the amazing flowers it produces in spring and the lovely shrub it makes year-round, Azaleas are always a great addition to literally any landscape!

Photo Credit: Monrovia Nursery

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