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There are two important things to know about planting spring flowering bulbs in our area.  Number 1 is that, because of our frequent bursts of warm weather that tend to crop up this month and even the beginning of November, the safest time to plant is around Thanksgiving.

Number 2 is that you DON’T want to wait until then to purchase your bulbs!  The selection is always best right now…so buy now, plant later!

Planting spring blooming bulbs is as easy as Dig-Drop-Done! 

  • Dig a hole 3x the height of the bulb
  • Plant – pointy side up!
  • Add a little Dutch Bulb Food to the soil or use bone meal for a completely organic choice
  • Then cover them up, and water thoroughly.

It’s that simple!

  • Rather than scattering your bulbs, plant them in one area in large numbers for a more dramatic impact.  Multiple bulbs in one color and also in a mix of complimentary colors can both be beautiful.
  • Avoid spots in the landscape or gardens that tend to puddle.  Soggy locations will cause your bulbs to rot.
  • Remember you can plant and grow bulbs in containers, too!  So even if you have little or no yard space, spring bulbs can still be a part of your season!
  • A tip for folks who have a problem with squirrels digging up recently-planted bulbs.  We have some repellents available that work well, but don’t forget the old fashioned tried-and-true method of placing chicken wire or netting right on top of the bulbs. The flower can grow right through it, and it frustrates the squirrels to no end when they come across it!

Think outside the box this year when planting bulbs.  Start with the classics like daffodils, tulips, and heavenly-smelling hyacinth, then look through out selection here at EJC for other that stay in your color scheme but add a new twist!

We also have cool combinations already packaged together for you, like Fragrance Blends with nothing but sweet smelling bulbs, or Deer Resistant bulb for those of you for whom hungry deer is a problem!


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