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As the temperatures finally start to cool a little, it’s time to get ready to bring your outdoor plants inside for the season.  Lots of container plants like tropicals and tender houseplants can survive the winter indoors and greet another growing season next year!  But before you bring them indoors…

Remember to do it gradually.  Outside in the day, inside at night – that way it won’t be such a shock to their system!

Keep in mind they have been used to lots of sun or at least very high indirect light,  so do not place them in a spot with very low light.  Choose someplace where they at least get plenty of indirect sunlight. You can also supplement natural sunlight with special light bulbs that you put in lamps near your plants – and yes, we have these in stock!

Tiny insects love to hide in your houseplants outdoors and they are the LAST thing you want to bring into your home! They also may have laid eggs in the soil or foliage where they are really hard to spot.  Treat all plants that you are bringing indoors with Houseplant Systemic Houseplant Granules which is simply sprinkled on the soil and watered in, It will kill any insects or eggs that may be lurking there!

Avoid placing the plants near a heat vent for obvious reasons. Since most houseplants like a moist atmosphere, think about using humidifier or keeping a misting bottle nearby and using it often. Also, we offer very inexpensive plastic trays that you place small pebbles in and fill full of water and set the plant on top. This allows evaporation of water right under the plant thus increasing humidity.

A RELATED NOTE: We just received a beautiful new shipment of tropical houseplants from Florida last week.  Fill your home with living plants this winter, then if you like, just move them outside next summer to create an outdoor paradise!

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