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Truth is, any time the ground isn’t frozen is a good time to plant trees! It’s also true that in our part of the country, October is the BEST time, no matter what type of tree you’re planting.

The key to strong, healthy growth for a tree starts with its root system.  By planting in fall, your new trees will have  had three full seasons of moist conditions and plenty of time to establish a good strong root system by the time next summer’s growing season arrives.

With the soil most and soft as it is now – especially after the rainy summer we’ve had – digging and planting is as easy as it gets!  The cooler temperatures don’t hurt either!

Trees are such a beautiful addition to the landscape – ANY  home’s landscape – that it is easy to forget they have practical purposes too.  You are probably aware that these oxygen-replenishing wonders improve the environment.  But have you thought about how much they can do for the value of your home?  Ask any realtor!  A beautiful landscape with healthy trees can really make a difference to potential buyers.

Trees can also make gorgeous natural barriers.  Plant them for privacy, for wind screens, or just to block off any unwelcome sights.  And we don’t have to tell you what an amazing asset they can be to wildlife, providing food, shelter and protection.

Your only problem planting a tree this time of year will be choosing one of the terrific selection we have right now at Evergreen of Johnson City!  Anyone from our staff of local tree-growing experts will be glad to discuss which ones will best serve your purpose and your preferences.  That’s what we’re here for!

Don’t forget about our amazing Lifetime Tree & Shrub warranty. Not familiar with it? Learn more about it here.

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