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If you have not yet fed the trees and shrubs in your landscape, do so now if you want to see some great growth this spring!  Here are our suggestions for which ones to feed and what to feed them.

Often fertilizing is associated with making something grow faster but it does so much more than that!  Fertilizing produces stronger roots, better heat and cold tolerance, more blooms and healthier foliage, plus a  more consistent growth pattern.

Basically everything will perform better when it starts the season with a full belly. Our pros suggest using a granular fertilizer whenever possible, since its slower continual release of nutrients provides a consistent release of fertilizer for 6-8+ weeks. Watering and natural rainfalls will continually aid in releasing the granules making them available for plants to gobble up!

Practically all broadleaf evergreens like Holly will benefit from Espoma Holly Tone or Fertilome Azalea Food.  Trees need a feeding too and if they have lawn grass below them (as most do), use our EJC 12-6-6 Professional Formula Fertilizer  – ask for details on how to best apply it. .  Also you cannot go wrong with Fertilome Gardener’s Special – an all-purpose fertilizer that benefits to a wide array of flowering shrubs, perennials, and roses!

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