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What’s New In Shrubs/Summer Color? Glad you asked!

In addition to your tried and true favorites, we pride ourselves on continuously adding newly released varieties of shrubs at Evergreen of Johnson City!  Come by anytime and ask anyone in our Tree and Shrub Department “What’s new?”!  They will be glad to point out the newest additions to our ever-growing selection, as well as let you in on some of each one’s highlights and features.  If you’re ready to add some exciting new colors and style to your landscape, here’s a sample of what’s new right now:


Prince Lyla Crape Myrtle

This dwarf Crape Myrtle grows to only two feet tall and provides stunning pink blossoms all summer.

Double Dynamite Crape Myrtle

 Another new Crape Myrtle release, this one grows 8-10 feet and features burgundy-green foliage and gorgeous double red blooms!

Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush

This new beauty offers deep green foliage and bluish-purple flowers. Since it only grows to 2 feet, it’s a perfect fit for smaller accent locations

Lil’ Annie Hydrangea

This addition to the Arborescens Hydrangea family produces creamy white blossoms and thrives in partial-sun to shaded environments.

 Invinci-belle Ruby Hydrangea

The first release of a deep pink hue that blooms late-spring to summer. This one is a particularly dependable bloomer due to its flowering habit on “new wood” that makes it able to stand up beautifully  against winter conditions.

Little Lime Hydrangea

Since its recent introduction, Little Lime boasts an easy-to-grow reputation and blooms that start as small greenish-white flowers that mature to a solid creamy white with hints of a pinkish-mauve as it matures into summer and early fall!

Radiance Abelia

This is one of our favorites of the new Abelia cultivars on the scene.  A semi-evergreen shrub with bright green and white foliage, it grows up to 3 ft tall and 4-5 ft wide and has reddish stems and lovely white blossoms through early fall.

Hibiscus “Smoothie Series”

Also known as Althea or Rose of Sharon, this is a hardy hibiscus with double blossoms in great colors like Blueberry Smoothie, Strawberry Smoothie, Raspberry Smoothie and Peppermint Smoothie!

Blue Puff Ball Vitex

New and totally unique, this summer-fall blooming shrub has a special mounding growth habit that sets it apart!  Look for the pretty blue blossoms  on this miniature shrub that grows to only 3 ft by 3 ft.

Golden Pacific Juniper

This brand new variety of juniper has soft textured foliage and grows up to 12-15 inches tall and 4-6 ft wide.  It’s bright yellowy color adds a golden glow that makes it a wonderful contrast feature in your garden.

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