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Sometimes a truckload of mulch is just what you need – and we have that!  But often bagged mulch is more in keeping with your needs, and Evergreen of Johnson City has recently added some new bagged mulch options we think you’ll like.

We are now offering fragrant Cedar mulch for your garden beds and landscape!  It is a longer lasting mulch which translates into money saved.  It is also naturally resistant to many insects, and creates a super thick mulch mat which makes especially great for slopes where erosion exists.

Pine Bark Premium Mini Nuggets are super “clean” bark chips about the size of a quarter or half-dollar coin.  Since it has no filler fine particles it presents as a neat, tidy mulch for your landscape.

Finally we are also now offering Pine Bark Premium Large Nuggets.  They are as described above but features large chunks of bark several inches in diameter.  All of our mulches at Evergreen of Johnson City are competitively priced!

REMINDER:  Be sure to sprinkle some weed and grass preventer on top of your new mulch, to reduce late summer/fall weeds.  We recommend our Weed & Grass Preventer with Dimension – not only does it work great but it lasts 3-4 months!

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