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Successfully growing roses in our area is easy when you have advice from experts – and you do! 

Our staff of experts has lived and gardened in Upper East TN and SW VA for more decades than we can count.  If you can learn it from a book, we know it.  Just as important, if you can learn it from experience, we got it.  So when you choose your new roses from our Tree and Shrub Department, remember our advice is always free and always available!

When planting, we like to start with some Garden Magic Topsoil to counteract our heavy clay East TN soil, plus some Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow manure to really make those new roses thrive! 

Then we choose to protect roses with some Bayer All-In-One Rose Care. It fights aphids and other rose-loving pests, AND it fertilizes the flowers, AND it helps fight Black Spot – the number one disease to which roses succumb. NOTE: BAYER ALL-IN-ONE ROSE CARE isn’t strictly for roses only. All of your flowers will benefit from this multi-purpose product, and it’s a great value too – $24.97 will treat 16 rose bushes for six whole weeks.  Plus it is an easy water-on product, no spraying required!

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