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So what’s NOT great about Perennials?  Hm. Sorry. We can’t think of a single thing! Great value, easy to grow, amazing selection, and each year they return on their own, bigger and better.  And if you come to our greenhouses right now, you’ll find a big selection of some of our most popular perennials on sale for a price even lower than usual!  

For a plant that will come back every year over and over again, perennials really are an amazing value.  Even more so, now that we have a special sale going on where you pay ONLY $5.97 per plant for these favorites:  (And if the prices don’t tempt you enough – check out these gorgeous plants in the picture!)

Aster & Black Eyed Susan . Campanula & Coneflower . Coral Bell . Coreopsis . Delphenium .  Iceland Poppy . Sedum . Salvia


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