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All but the most delicate and finicky houseplants can go outdoors now. Dracaena, ferns, ivy, spider plants, ficus trees and even cactus will all benefit from a few months in the Great Outdoors! 

Remember that most houseplants cannot tolerate full summer sun, so park them on your porch or a patio – somewhere that offers at least partial shade / early morning sun only – and don’t forget to water!  Even those that DO tolerate full sun should be introduced to it gradually, starting off in a semi-sunny spot and slowly moving them to full-sun over the next month.

Begin fertilizing regularly (every 2 – 3 weeks) through August since this is the time most plants are “geared” to grow naturally. Also now is a great time to repot into SLIGHTLY larger pots and don’t skimp on the potting soil you choose.  We highly recommend Fertilome Organic Blend or Fox Farms Ocean Forest for most, but choose specific specialty mixes for your African Violets, Cactus, Succulents, etc. 

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