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There are all kinds of herbs and plants that are natural repellents to summer’s annoying mosquitoes.  Fill your porch or deck with these and mosquitoes will be more likely to keep their distance and let you enjoy summer nights in peace!

Lavender – EVERYONE should be growing lavender somewhere in their landscape!  The beautiful purple flowers on purple spikes look beautiful almost everywhere.  The fragrance is heavenly to you and I, but the mosquitoes steadily avoid it.

Marigolds – Colorful and so easy to grow, marigolds cheer up the whole garden!  Plus they contain an ingredient called Pyrethrum, which is used in many insect repellents.

Lemon Grass – This lush fast-growing grass again brings a lovely natural scent to its surroundings that mosquitoes don’t like at all.

Scented Geraniums – The leaves sport an aroma that is tempting to humans, but repellent to mosquitoes! They tolerate dry conditions well and grow beautifully in containers.

Basil – With extensive culinary uses, these delicious leaves are a great flavor enhancer and grow well in containers or in the ground. Wherever they grow, count on mosquitoes keeping clear!

Rosemary – Another great culinary herb, trim the needle-like leaves often to keep the plant from becoming lanky.  Plant in containers and scatter them all around the deck for mosquito repellent purposes.

Lemon Thyme – A small shrub-like herb that with a wonderful lemon aroma, minus the bitterness!  Why mosquitoes avoid it, we can’t imagine!

NOTE:  For the record, Evergreen of Johnson City also offers two natural, granular products that repel mosquitoes VERY effectively.  Next time you’re here, look for Mosquito Beater and Mosquito Go!

Photo Credits: Monrovia Nursery

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